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ICT Vision, Mission and Objectives

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ICT Vision, Mission and Objectives
by Chanda Nsofu - Wednesday, 20 July 2011, 8:48 PM

To provide a student-centered learning environment where access to ICT resources is natural and embedded in the world of the student and for those who place learning at the core of all we do.


We want our students to be responsible and ethical digital citizens.



Building confidence, skills and abilities to use the latest technologies to embrace and enhance effective learning and critical thinking.

Demonstrating creative thinking

Constructing knowledge and developing innovative products and processes that use technology.


Being honest, fair and balanced in gathering, interpreting and expressing information for the benefit of others.

Interacting with others in a respectful and non-threatening way.

Being accountable to their readers, listeners, viewers and each other.

Respecting other users information and systems infrastructures.


Providing an environment where access to ICT resources is natural and commonplace.

Developing learners ICT skills, knowledge, and through integrated ICT lessons

Providing opportunities for students to apply and consolidate their ICT capability across all curriculum contexts.


Having the 21st century fluencies required to communicate globally and work collaboratively outside classroom walls.


Promoting student centered learning by:

Providing productive access to the curriculum

Implementing and supporting a range of techniques for accessing, evaluating and differentiating information

Learning how to analyze, synthesize and apply information and understanding

Developing systems to promote confidence in creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

Supporting efficient learning environment and systems by:

Developing and implementing a student information system that supports a transparent and reflective partnership between students, teachers and families.

Promoting natural ICT Literacy by:

Instructing collaboration and media fluency within the curriculum

Celebrating learning that occurs within and outside the classroom.

Digital citizenry @ ISS

An ISS Digital Citizen understands the guiding principals of leadership, ethics, accountability, environmental awareness, global and personal responsibility as a foundation for the appropriate use of technology in a world that is increasingly reliant on international interaction.

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