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Welcome to Mr. Quevedo's Technology  Class. I am very happy to be your Computer Science teacher and I am looking forward to a successful and fun year of learning together.

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    Available courses

    Welcome to the basic programming course in Python. In this course you will learn about flow charts, algorithms and computer programming. You will write programs to solve specific problems.

    The Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science course enables students to develop an interest in computing and gain confidence in computational thinking and programming.

    The IB Computer Science

    Computational thinking is a problem-solving methodology that is applicable across a range of subject
    disciplines and underpins this course.
    The six principles of computational thinking, identified by Jeanette Wing in her article “Computational
    thinking” are:
    • thinking procedurally
    • thinking logically
    • thinking ahead
    • thinking concurrently
    • thinking abstractly
    • thinking recursively (HL only).